Al Kent



Glasgow native Ewan Kelly aka Al Kent is a DJ, knowledgeable music enthusiast, record label owner, producer and manipulator of music, with his roots firmly planted in the past. His first notable forays onto the music scene came in the early-mid 80s when, via the obligatory introduction through Motown, he caught the bug for uptempo soul music, learning his moves and mining the scene for sounds at clubs like 100 Club, Shotts and allnighters across the land. As his collection grew the music fanatic broke into the world of DJing by putting on his own, home town parties (he took his DJ name from a producer detailed on several of his cherished Northern 7”s).


As his tender years prevented him from being present during the early heyday of Northern soul, Ewan developed a taste for the more progressive sounds that eminated from the scene’s latter period, at clubs such as Blackpool’s Mecca where residents Colin Curtis and Ian Levine coupled the older soul sounds with newer releases from the New York and Philadelphia based disco and disco/funk scenes, as well as releases that are now classed as ‘Modern soul’.


In his continued pursuit for uptempo, black dance music Ewan became completely engrossed in disco, uncovering the multitude of layers that this musical form, which often derided on the soul scene, had to offer. This passion for disco music has held firm to the present day. Although the progressively-minded DJ ventured into house music production, via his Secret Sounds alias and several disco-sampling releases on his own Million Dollar Disco label, it has been to his beloved disco that Ewan has reverted over recent years, putting the label on hold while creating a full length, live disco album, complete with a heavy-horn sectioned Million Dollar Orchestra.


When not in the producers chair Ewan maintains his Million Dollar Disco website and guest Djs at select clubs, such as London’s Soul City, where his deep knowledge of disco and exclusive, revealing re-edits are fully appreciated.