From France to London via Berlin, Arcarsenal were invited to compile the beats for the debut outing on new label This Is Not Happening. Although this is their first physical pressing, the crew have been sharing some pretty dope underground music on their blog and London club night for the last three years. Guest selectors who’ve championed their parties include Wolf Music, Fudge Fingas and Trus’me, so the stakes were high when the decision was made to commit some original material to wax.

But there’s no need to doubt as Arcarsenal have turned out an EP that stands up as the strongest house 12″ to drop this month. ‘Whatupdoe’, the lead track on the release, is a driving, analogue number with heavily echoed claps and a looping, hovering synth.

And things get better from here. ‘Ole Man River Jazz’ is my favourite groove: hints of broken beat on the drum and swelling keys that ebb and flow patiently throughout. To conclude, Dubbyman reworks ‘Lower 9th Tribute’ into a sprawling, 11 minute Afro-house jam that fans of Ron Trent and Roy Davis Jr. will dig for sure.