Ramp Recordings is the brainchild of Tom Kerridge, a straight-talking, passionate label owner with an infallible ear for breaking new talent. With personal preference being the sole guide to what gets signed, Ramp’s back catalogue can boast of early James Blake, non-dubstep Zomby, and SBTRKT’s debut beats. The understated UK label (sometimes he leaves the logo off releases) is also responsible for unleashing ‘Fatherless‘ by Breach, Ben Westbeech’s alter-ego, that was a smash for Benji B at Southport Weekender 47.

Ramp’s releases cover the breadth of the underground dance music spectrum, and, as a side project with a more specific focus, Kerridge set up Brainmath, with its distinctive sound and look. It’s been dormant for almost two years, but demand for its long gone, single-sided 12″ releases still runs high. The last few pressings of Zomby’s ‘Rumours & Revelations’, for example, were retailing for £15, and bids for second hand copies start at double that amount. Fear not, though, as it’s included here, along with the hard hitting ‘Flexible’ from Untold, and ‘Amhara’, the skipping synth workout produced by Brackles donning his Bakongo guise.

The compilation drops on 27th February 2012 on a label that still values physical product, as Kerridge explained to FACT, “I think digital-only labels suck cock, it’s lazy and boring, and shows no commitment to the music and artists you are releasing.” As you might have guessed, you can pick this heavy collection up on CD, as well as digital download.