1. Tony Momrelle Live Session for Jazz FM

2. Roy Ayers – Vibrations

3. Andreas Sagg – Psychoticbump

4. Leon Ware – I Want You”

5. LLS – Expansions

6. Tiger Wilson – Sometimes

7. Atjazz in Soweto DJing

8. Jazzanova – Let it Go

9. Louis Benedetti – Jazzy Track

10. St Germain – Sure Thing

Here are a few things I have been digging on Youtube, a bit random I guess, but that’s the nature of YouTube! Starts with a lovely live acoustic recording of ‘Fly’. Tony Momrelle, how can you sing that well sitting down?!

Second up, going way back to Mr Roy Ayers in 1976 loving the vibes and loving the t-shirt! Next up one of my favourite DJ/producers Andreas Sagg. My mate Gary Robson got me on this video and every now and then I have to play it, so infectious, just love all the keyboards. Wish it was my house! Leon Ware does Marvin Gaye in Amsterdam, Ive DJ’d at that venue with Stijn, great place. Next up Lonnie Liston Smith one of my all time favourite records as I’m sure with many Southport heads, amazing. ‘Sometimes’ – Tiger Wilson nice video out of Tribe. Next up a video I spotted last year of Martin DJing in Soweto, not just a great DJ but always fun to watch, like a jack in the box, out of the box! Nice video from Jazzanova, love the keys on this. Then we have Louis Benedetti with some more great keyboards and killer live bass. Finishing off with a super slick video from another memorable groove, grow you own guitar.

Peace and happy new year to all!
Steve Butler.