1. Anita Baker “Caught Up In The Rapture” (CJ Giovanni Edit)

2. Terry Hunter Starring Jay Adams “We Are One (A Movement For Life)” (Terry Hunter Main Bang Sunday Orig. Mix)

3. Willie Hutch “Slick” (Mark Stone Edit) CDR

4. Washerman “Solitaire Deepness”

5. Mike Sharon “What Cha Gona Do Original Mix”

6. The Nathaniel X Project “The Nathaniel X Tract”

7. Jean Carn “I’m In Love Once Again” (CJ Giovanni Edit) Cdr

8. Raw “Think Positive” Hutchinson’s Project Vol. 1

9. Teddy Douglas “Land of Love”

10. Sheree Hicks “Something For Nothing” (Honeycomb Old School Mix) Honeycomb Music