It’s a project that’s been bubbling for some time: a full live album from the consistently dope London crew Restless Soul. Although the gang are better known for their tightly produced house output, this long player eschews the anticipated 4/4 and instead serves a delicious range of musical flavours. Main man Phil Asher explains: “We tried not to force this album into any specific pigeonhole. It’s a music album and in making it, we all had a lot of fun!”

Don’t make the mistake of equating this affectionate lightheartedness with triviality though for this is an album that sweats swagger and serious musicianship. Phlash gets a chance to really stretch out on the drums, his strutting groove on ‘Taking Over Me’ is a production reminiscent of Claudjia Barry’s oft-sampled ‘Love For The Sake of Love’, and this aesthetic – a tip of the hat to the past with a 2013 freshness – is deftly woven throughout.

The LP’s first single has been doing the rounds for a couple of years, a patchwork of hard hitting dance floor breaks, accompanied by a wicked DIY YouTube collage, grafted from a collection of personal video favourites by the crew. However, thanks to Hiroyuki Wada and his dedicated Selective 81 imprint, the full album has now seen the light of day. A perfect new year’s fun-filled treat.