There has been a definite nineties resurgence in house music over the last year with a lot of producers going back to the old school concept. One of the most famous sounds in house music comes from the Korg M1 keyboard, responsible for that unique bubbling sound on tracks such as Nightcrawlers’ ‘Push the Feeling On’.

Southport and Suncebeat favourites Souldynamic were given the task of remixing Marlon D’s – ‘God’s Message’ and have applied a beautifully crafted cut straight from the way back when era, heavily laden with M1. This remix has a really dubby feel and wouldn’t have sounded out of place in many clubs circa 1992.

Their remix takes this particular track on a gorgeous little journey, with some very clever sampling and looping of the main hook, to carry it through and keep things interesting.
As with all of Marlon D’s music, there is quite a deep element and this one is no different. I’d love to hear this played loudly in a club as I think it would send the dancefloor into a frenzy.

Great remix of a great track!