The third volume in this series of tropical Peruvian music of the 1960s is a blinder. Capturing a dynamic moment in Peru’s musical evolution that lead, in the early 70s, to the development of contemporary salsa music, this compilation takes in all of its influences from cumbia and latin soul, to rock, funky jazz and traditional folk musics. It’s not in the slightest bit important for the listener to understand Spanish, the language mainly used here, only that you let yourself be carried away to another place, another time, by the unmistakeable enthusiasm on show in these beautiful recordings. Rafael Hurtado de Mendoza compiles this extremely varied mix of tropical gems, which ranges from raw and frantic, rhythm driven, dancefloor numbers to psyched-out, guitar heavy, summer slumbers, that manage, as a collection, to fill in the missing link between the mambo era and the dawn of salsa in South American music.