Josh Milan’s dedication to the soulful house scene is unparalleled. Over the last twenty years he has worked as a producer, performer, manager and distributor, contributing over two hundred published works since he began writing music with Kevin Hedge and Chris Herbert in 1984 under the guise of Blaze.

Although Herbert left in the early 90s, the remaining duo continued, and, individually and collaboratively, remain a relevant force in house music today. At the time of writing, Josh Milan’s ‘Wish‘, produced by Mathew Bandy, stands third in the Traxsource Top 100 chart.

Josh introduces this sweet new project, three years in the making, with the following declaration about his creative intent and the state of the music industry:

There is a lot of live instrumentation that the industry has gotten away from. That’s the main reason I’m starting Honeycomb Music. I wanted to be in full control of the music that comes out. Labels like to have a hand in your music. The industry has a way of dictating what some producers feel they should produce. I’m choosing to march to my own beat.

I’m reminded of this Blaze classic:

Honeycomb Music Volume 1 is a double-album of soulful gems, fusing Afro, jazz, soul and gospel with inspiring lyrical content. New talent comes from NYC’s Cinnamon Brown, who lends her soulful timbre to the house groove ‘Under The Moonlight’, and Brooklyn’s recently discovered live outfit, Honey Sweet, whose offering, ‘Raul Rosario, We Miss You’, is a standout moment in the set.

Deep house veterans who remember this soul-drenched staple will be as excited as I was to hear Cassio Ware’s vocals once more. He delivers on the album’s strongest track – Honey Sweet’s percussive jazz workout that encapsulates the positive energy that permeates Milan’s music – a timely call for our people to wake up.