Joy Orbison



Hype seems to run in the family. Nephew of jungle pioneer Ray Keith, Joy Orbison – real name Peter O’Grady – has been causing a stir since the promo of ‘Hyph Mngo’, the debut single that was eventually released via Hotflush Recordings in 2009, became the most in demand dub on the scene. He’s often described as dubstep, but the genre-bending sounds of this Croydon based producer, still in his early twenties, go far beyond the bass-heavy snap of that particular scene.


After his uncle introduced him to jungle and UK garage in his early teens, he started collecting records and used Fruity Loops, the simple but effective sequencing software, to create eight-bar grime loops on his home computer. As his friends upgraded their software to Cubase, O’Grady followed suit and began to take his hobby more seriously as he was absorbing a wider range of musical influences from J Dilla to GG Allin and Josef K to The Beach Boys.


Amidst the hype of ‘Hyph’, which was eventually voted #23 in the Resident Advisor top 100 tracks of the decade, and #1 in Fact Magazine’s top tracks of the year, there were those who dismissed O’Grady’s talent as a flash in the pan success story, riding the wave of a particular trend. He responded to this in the best way possible – by releasing tune after tune of devastating bass-heavy bullets, and winning plenty of heavyweight DJ support on the way. His most recent release, the driving house track ‘Ellipsis’, is his most accomplished work yet, again doing damage for DJs across the board.


And for those who thought the buzz surrounding ‘Hyph Mngo’ couldn’t be surpassed, there’s the current question mark lingering painfully over the dubplate known only as ‘Sicko Cell’. A pitched down vocal declares: ‘I’m the information. Cocaine powder…’ Its origin is unknown but there are many fingers pointing this way. It’s blistered the fingers of internet forum keyboard warriors everywhere, and more importantly it’s torn dance floors to shreds. Whether it came out of his studio or not, ‘Sicko Cell’ was definitely at the front of his box for a while.