These days there are many reasons why people want to become Djs. Well, have you seen the magazines that are supposed to represent club culture? Scantily clad, vacuous women and drug addled, metrosexual men, pictured wide eyed and brain dead on Mediterranean beaches that bare no resemblance to the clubbing realities of most here in the UK, let alone anywhere else on the planet. And that’s without even mentioning the haircuts!


Well you can leave that side of club culture out of the equation here, because when you’re talking about Kon and Amir, you’re talking about the real deal. These guys are proper Djs. They have little choice in what they do, they are compelled to DJ, as their love for the music they uncover means that they have to share it with an audience.


Crate diggers in the finest tradition of hip hop Kon and Amir leave no stone unturned in their search for unknown grooves, mining rock, soul, disco, jazz, boogie, pop and roots sounds from all over the world in search of the elusive. Their considerable efforts have been charted in a series of amazing mixtapes which, if you can track them down, won’t disappoint anyone, as well as contributing to BBE’s Kings Of series.