This new album from Barcelona-based Los Fulanos is a celebration of Latin soul and boogaloo, coming from a band who have an excellent live reputation. They’ve been seen accompanying legends like Peret or Joe Bataan (they were his band on the Afrofilipino tour), so clearly have the credentials to do the business on the dancefloor.

With songs containing lyrics in both Spanish and English, the music here comes swaddled in percussion and brass, ranging from the downtempo singalong of ‘You Know What I Mean’ and the slightly cheesy ‘Kind Of Guy’ to the much quicker ‘Sobran Cueros’ in which piano and percussion rhythm’s trade off each other to dizzying effect. A particular, if unrepresentative, highlight is the 70s disco-influenced ‘El Que No Está Se Lo Pierde (Part 2)’, which Sunburst Band fans will love.