The musical riches of 2013 begin with a brand new LP from Osunlade. Following excursions on Soul Jazz Records, BBE Music and Strictly Rhythm, Osunlade returns to his own Yoruba Records imprint for this, his seventh full length project.

One of Osunlade’s most poignent, although lesser known tracks is ‘Mr President‘, released in 2004 on his The Year Of The Monkey 12″. The biting political critique that made this track so gripping returns here in the lyrics of newcomer Supreme on the track ‘Sour The Plan’, documenting the seemingly inevitable social and industrial collapse on our collective horizon. But far from wallowing in despair, this prophetic misery is quickly engulfed by the fire of hope in ‘Luna Moth’, a brief, rousing and percussive groove that wakes the spirit and clears the way for the sparse yet euphoric tracks ‘Camera Shy’ and ‘Satellite Beneath The Stars’.

Just as his increasingly rare DJ sets explore a wider range of sounds than might be expected from a selector known primarily for his work in the deep house scene, his studio work follows this same far-reaching embrace. Drawing from jazz, downtempo, electronica and hip hop, A Man With No Past Originating The Future exhibits artistry beyond any singular niche.