From two step garage fans, to hip hop and house DJs, from delighted dancers to soul aficionados, the world woke up to the sounds of Peven Everett way back in 1997 upon the release of the genre defying underground smash that was ‘Gabriel’. A track that Peven wrote when he was just 18, it raised Peven’s profile to lofty heights and kick started his adventures in the medium of dance music. But unknown to many outside of the jazz cognescenti of New York and Chicago, Peven had already been making serious waves in the world of music.


At age 17, Peven was granted a prestigious scholarship to the Berkely School of Music, eventually leaving education to join Winton and Brandford Marsalis on the road. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing professionally some 11 instruments including guitar, keys, drums, bass, trombone, flute, saxophone and trumpet.


Aside from ‘Gabriel’ Peven’s name was associated with U.S. house producer Roy Davis on further releases like ‘Watch Them Come’ and ‘Someday’ before consolidating his name as a highly creative solo artist on more adventurous releases like ‘Runaround/Good Lovin’ (Diaspora Rec.s) and ‘Can’t Believe I Loved Her’ (King St.), a jazz house excursion that must surely be recognised as one of the most individual underground hits of the last half decade (both of it’s ‘out there’ mixes were championed by high profile jocks MAW, Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish and many more besides).


In 2002 Peven released his first U.K. album ‘Studio Confessions’ (also the name of Peven’s own micro-independent U.S. label. Confusing, huh?). Showcasing Peven’s hip hop/soul edge, it brought his name to wider recognition still, with lead single ‘Testin’ Me’ becoming a firm favourite amongst the downtempo crowd. Having remixed the track no less than 8 times himself, the prodigy is set to re-release ‘Testin’ Me’ on ABB Records later this year. Peven also has at least another 3 full albums and 4 mini albums/EPs available. They encompass a fraction of Peven’s musical interest, but are nevertheless a very broad showcase of an artist, traversing jazz fusion, reggae, house, hip hop and, of course, jazz.


Peven’s first appearance as front man of his quartet at Southport Weekender was his first in the U.K. outside of London.


“I can’t really tell you what to expect, ’cause everything’s always changing.” said Peven when we spoke briefly before his appearance “It’s difficult for me to classify it, only recently have I had the opportunity to perform some of this music that’s been inside me for so many years. What I can say is that I know people have been enjoying it and dancing to it. It’s gone through rock, r n’ b, jazz, soul and dance, but the common thread is that people love to dance to it.”


“Different people may know me for different things, and if they’re going to come out and see me live, I don’t want to disappoint any of them.” he said. “I really feel like people don’t know me, until they come see me live.”