Words: Angel Mel.
Artist: Anushska
Title: World In A Room
Label: Brownswood Recordings
Listen/Buy: https://soundcloud.com/anushkauk
More info: Anushka are to music, as the 4×4 beat is to ‘House Music’, a match made in heaven. Made up of Brighton based producer (Max Wheeler) and singer, songwriter (Victoria Port), signed to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood label. The duo have been lighting up the airwaves, with tracks like ‘I Have Love For You’, and ‘Never Can Decide’, both making an inpact across the underground dance scene.

‘World In A Room’, is taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Distorted Air’, only available for release on vinyl to celebrate Record Store day on 19th April.
Be prepared for hefty slices of fresh beats, echoed vocals blended to perfection, all make for an infectious track.

I get the feeling that Anushka won’t be leaving us any time soon, the world is their oyster. With the likes of Karizma, Kev Beadle and Annie Mac showing love, expect more great things to come from this dynamic duo.
Artist: Small Professor & Arcka
Title: Hancock
Listen / Buy: http://smallarchitect.bandcamp.com/
More info: “Creativity and artistic endeavours have a mission that goes far beyond just making music for the sake of music” Herbie Hancock. ‘Hancock’, is the brainchild of Philadelphian Producer Small Professor. An idea born in 2009, inspired by Hip Hop Producer Blueprint, on his take on Blueprint Vs Funkadelic.

‘Hancock’, is a master class in sampling and beat creation: using Herbie Hancock’s innovative and groundbreaking material as it’s foundation. Layering Hip Hop slabs; interspersed with jazz fusion blends and futuristic elements to create something altogether different.
The album reads like a tale of two halves; with Small professor leading the first four tracks, while Arcka patiently delivers tracks 5 to 8.

Stand out tracks like ‘Camou’, are reminiscent of a late night drive along Sunset Boulevard. While ‘Watermelon Spank’, is a sleazy, funky rifted freak out. To my mind Small Professor & Arcka stayed true to the creative genius of Herbie Hancock; this is an experiment which has passed the test.
Artist: Lady Alma
Title: It’s House Music
Label: Yoruba Recordings
Release date: March 2014
Listen / Buy: SoundCloud
More info: Every now and again along comes a song, that makes you remember why you got into a particular sound in the first place. House music with its kaleidoscope of genres and off shoots can occasionally get lost. Lady Alma’s track ‘Its House Music’, came to find us. It is a homage to a way of life, every word resonates with the truth; ‘feel it, do it, move it. It’s House music’, a mantra to live your life by. Yoruba Record act like the Sheppard leading their flock to the holy grail of the dance floor, making music that touches the very core. Lady Alma lifts every spirit with her heartfelt delivery. Osunlade gathers the congregation in the church of house. Let the sermon begin; an organ, clapped hands in appreciation, and a funky beat to raise you out of your seats. Give thanks to the powers that be for real ‘House’ music.
Artist: SoulMagic
Title: I Wonder
Label: SoulMagic Recordings
Listen / Buy: SoundCloud
More info: After the success of their dance floor smash ‘Someone Like You’, SoulMagic have returned for round two. Hailing from Denmark, House Producers Morten and Mikkel continue to spread their magic. There is no slight of hand here. Simply a heady blend of thumping bassline; J Sun returns to add his bewitching vocals, which are spun over deep spellbinding piano grooves. This track is signifies the start of longer days, warmer nights, outdoor gatherings. ‘I Wonder’, contains the ingredients to weave it’s spell and to hold you captive on the dance floor.