Beauty And The Beat

Words: Angel Mel.

The Beauties

Artist: Sean McCabe
Title: Something About You – feat Jennifer Wallace / Holding on

More info: ‘Something about you’, and ‘Holding on’, are the forthcoming tracks from the long anticipated album from the Godson of Soulful House Sean McCabe. Which I am should put in a full appearance sometime in Autumn.

When I listen to this track I am reminded of the Burt Bacharach song “What the world needs now is “love sweet love”. Not the lyrics but the act of bringing life & love to a song. Peel back the layers to uncover groove laden bass riffs, gospel inspired keys, Jennifer Wallace’s delivery that will get listeners belting out the catchy chorus in unison, listen out for the soothing and uplifting Roy Ayers inspired Xylophone melodies, and at it’s core is the art of spreading love.

When the scene goes off exploring new frontiers, McCabe always keeps the home fires burning with his unique formula, never letting us forget that the dance floor always shines brighter when you add a splash of love and a whole heap of soul. “Something about you”, is nourishment for the spirit, it will leaving you feeling as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

I like to paint verbal pictures, so when I say that Sean McCabe is like Birdseye potato waffles, ‘wonderfully versatile’, you know what I am referring too. “Holding on”, drops like a heavy weight boxer hitting the deck of the boxing ring. With contrasting styles showing diversity in his range; ‘Something about you’, reflects the warm and uplifting feel by spreading Sunburst Band style love; while the ‘Holding on’, is a old skool anthem reminiscent of the Strictly Rhythm 1990s House signature sound.
Expect to be knocked off your feet with these tracks, each tune is like going ten rounds on the dance floor.

Artist: Elements of Life
Title: You came into my life / Sodade

More info: Sodade / You came into my life, is an offering of monolithic proportions, containing 29 individual tracks. Beautifully reconstructed and consisting of some of the scene’s most prolific producers and musicians. ‘You came into my life’, originally written by Roy Ayers, has been given a new lease of life bringing the track forward to present time, to be embraced by a new generation, whilst still keeping true to the Roy Ayers vision.
Ralf Gumm, Sean McCabe, Honeycombe’s Josh Milan and Louie Vega all feature remixes on ‘You came into my life’. Each bringing their own unique signature sound to the track. ‘Sodade’, offers the counterbalance; steeped in culture & heritage, delivered in native tongue and return to the earth vibrations.
Each track is balanced in perfect symmetry by Anane’s luscious vocals, which create the lavish rich feel that permeates through every remix. Anane voice has become the embodiment of the summer.

Ralf Gum Raw and Artistic Soul remix – Brings a little touch of George Benson into your life. Celebrating the dulcet tones of the rhythm guitar; with a tease and flicker of the bass line, creating a sea of head nods and shoulder shimmers.

While Sean McCabe – into my Dub remix – Pays homage to the ‘Nervous Track’, years of House music. McCabe soulful remix radiates warmth promoting the ‘lets get closer vibe’. Piano keys glide along leaving behind a solid groove big enough to ‘feel’ any dance floor.
If ‘Came into my life’, is the past tailored into modern day tastes, ‘Sodade’, rolls back futuristic the layers to reveal a not to distant past. Boddhi Satva, Kazukuta, Antonello Coghe and DJ Garphie have each delivered a remix that are synonymous with style.

Boddhi Satva Acestrumental mix is shrouded in mysticism, enveloped in a Deep African tribal setting. Conjuring up visions of raised clapped hands and bare foot dancing in the twilight.
This is a collection that illustrates the union between post modern ideas, while exploring the ancestral heritage; woven together to form a stand out EP. Not just big in quantity, ‘Came into my life’, ‘Sodade’, is colossal in content, making it a must for any music lover.


Artist: Opolopo Feat Shea Soul
Title: Be Enough
Label: Tone Control
Listen: SoundCloud

More info: Opolopo has been cranking up the levels of intensity, since his now legendary remix of Gregory Porters 1960what, back in 2011. Signed to Tone Control Records, Opolopo is a producer who appears to go from strength to strength, rapidly forming an allegiance of adoring foot stompers. ‘Be Enough’, could well be one of the soundtracks of the year so far. Right alongside him is songstress Shea Soul, whose meteoric rise across the sound waves have been well documented, with her successful collaborations.

‘Be Enough’, is a heavy dose of cosmic deep space grandeur. With rising tensions similar to the moon landings; the dance floor devoted will listen and watch attentively as this track sets to take off through the dance chart, reaching dizzying heights. Much more than just a heavy track, listen to the message delivered by the determined emotive tones of Shea Soul, to strive to reach your potential. An inspiring notion with a catchy slogan. ‘Be Enough’, is sure to burn brightly.


The Beats

Artist: Jonny Miller Ft Tallamen
Title: Keep on
Label: Tribe Records
Listen: Tribe Records

More info: Tribe Records welcomes their newest member into the fold. Miller returns alongside his South African counterpart Tallamen to bring the love back.

‘Keep On’, is heavy with after dark sensuality. With a flow that is continuous, the ‘deep’ groove keeps the listener sailing on the seven seas of Soul.

Miller demonstrates his golden production credentials; by blending deep Afro House, rich with percussive elements and hard hitting drums, while perfectly balancing stunning soulful vocals.
A modern day serenade for old skool romantics, ‘Keep on’, will surely bring people together on the dance floor in more ways than one.


Artist: Mike Steva
Title: Oro
Label: Yoruba Records

More info: Yoruba Records Mike Steva has burst in to colour on the scene with his world music inspired productions. No stranger to the lime light, Steva has a score of cool and rhythmic tracks in his portfolio including ‘ Moment In Time’, featuring the unmistakable voice of Georg Levin.

From the minute I heard this song I knew that it had the potential to blow the dance floor into a million shimmying tiny pieces. A track like this is rare treat, which makes it all the more intoxicating to listen to. For those who are not familiar with the Balkan Beat sound, which originates from Eastern European traditional gypsy folk music, in early 2000s, it was blended with a heavy 4×4 house beat. Steva has brought his own Macedonian roots to the fore with his interpretation of fast paced folk. The Trubaci, an 8 piece brass ensemble bring the track alive; by interspersing quick and slow stabs of the horn section, made up of the saxaphone, trumpets and trombone, punctuated by the warm heart beat of the Macedonian drums, in the back ground if you listen closely the influence of Yoruba is there keeping time alongside the drums.

What I do know is Oro is pure joy, like letting your inner child run free. There is something intrinsically spiritual and uplifting, with the capability of allowing the listener to forget whatever he or she may be doing in order to rejoice and twirl with abandon.

This could be the most fun you can have with a song with your clothes on!