Words: Angel Mel.
Artist: Peter Oakden
Title: Disruptive Pattern Material
Label: Fifty Fathoms Deep
Listen/Buy: SoundCloud
More info: Like a resounding gong, this debut album will be released onto the world this month. Reminiscent of a film noir music score, patience is rewarded as overlapping rhythmic beats are graced with beautiful atmospherics. Prepare to be picked up, swept along, tossed about and gently released. Tracks like ‘I’m Still Here’, featuring the vocal talent of Richard Reid, and ‘The Blackness’ are delivered with intensity. Take the time out of your schedule and give your undivided attention to let this music work its magic.
Artist: Lay-Far
Title: The Long Title EP
Label: Amp Art Recordings
Release date: Spring 2014
Listen / Buy: Facebook
More info: Following on from the success of his recent album, “So Many Ways”, Lay-Far the boy wonder returns straight out of Amp Art recordings with his latest offering “The Long Title EP”. This time 3 is the magic number. First off we have the warm up tune; prepare to limber and stretch those muscles. “That voice from far away” is a slice of House inspired Disco heaven. The drum beat marks time, as the cow bell punctuates, creating space for those ethereal piano riffs and kooky samples hidden throughout the track. Next up, “Where I’ve never been before”, is reminiscent of those “Funkadelic”, “Parliament” glory days. Expect an increased heart rate, as sweat trickles across the brow. ‘If you hear any noise’, it’s just Lay-Far dropping the funk! Lastly “You know I’m gonna get cha”, is that satisfied feeling after a good work out. Raise your hands and clap to the easy groove, as the lazy samba beat moves the body. Cleverly inserted samples create the feeling of being in Rio De Janeiro on a sunny, sticky carnival day. And then it’s over, silence. Time to rest, safe in knowledge the next time your play this EP, the satisfaction starts all over again.
Artist: Christian Prommer
Title: Ubermood
Label: Compost Black Label
Release date: March 2014
Listen / Buy: SoundCloud
More info: Signed to Compost Record since 1995, this is Christian Prommer debut album – “UberMoods”.
If this album were an art exhibition, which artists would it represent? To my mind it has the abstract qualities of a Salvador Dali painting. World music elements appear twisted, yet smooth and pleasing to the ear. However there are facets of broken influences from classical to jazz, deep house and electronic beats. Pieces of the puzzle that create the whole picture similarly to Picasso.
To illustrate tracks like “Beautiful”, “Wonders Of The World”, “Marimba”; are uplifting pockets of light, that embody Dali. While “Tob Der Bar”, “Shanghai Nights”, are as distinct as Picasso himself.
The word “Ubermut”; loosely translates as “cockiness”. Not comfortable with convention, “UberMood”, pushes beyond boundaries and genres. It is not easily pigeon holed and nor should it be, to do so would restrict the musical artwork that Christian has created.