Second hand copies of this compilation, originally issued in 2005, change hands for upwards of £40, and that’s both the CD and vinyl presses. A quick look at the heavyweight track listing though and it’s not difficult to guess why this collection is so highly sought after.

Capturing an authentic snapshot of the underground electronic music scene in Detroit, the tracks included on Still Music’s In The Dark, scheduled for reissue this spring, sound just as relevant today as when they first hit wax seven years ago. Amp Fiddler, whose touch opens and closes the compilation, reveals several sides of his repertoire: his rework of Courtney Jackson’s ‘Everybody’ is a stepping house workout with sumptous live bass riding high through the mix, while his interpretation of Anetria Wright’s ‘The Feeling of Love’ recalls the downtempo production aesthetic of his Waltz Of A Ghetto Fly long player.

Elsewhere, Ray Bone Jones, collaborating with Malik Pittman and Rick Wilhite, offers a gruelling, unpredictable techno meltdown titled ’10 In The Dark’, Kenny Dixon Jr. reminds us how much we’re looking forward to his new album with ‘Bosmos’, a groove that shuffles with the relentless chopping of a short jazz loop, and Keith Worthy and Malik Alston give us ‘Ecoutez’, a melodic deep house gem with delirious live keys.

What makes this package truly essential for fans of the Detroit sound is the DVD that comes packaged with both the CD and vinyl reissues. In The Dark: Voices is a thirty minute film directed by Chris Bravo that features exclusive footage and interviews with Ron Trent, Pirahnahead & Diviniti, Paul Randolph, Mike Huckaby, E Man and Rick ‘The Godson’ Wilhite, amongst other major players from the D. The release date has yet to be finalised at the time of writing, but the project is scheduled for a spring 2012 release. Check out the preview of the documentary below.