Words: Angel Mel.
Artist: The Foreign Exchange Ft Eric Roberson & Shana Tucker
Title: Love In Flying Colour
Label: Foreign Exchange Music
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More info: ‘Better’ is the latest track taken from The Foreign Exchange’s ‘Love In Flying Colours’ LP. From the first note, the looping piano chords provide the hook, drawing deep inside the track with Hip Hop beats combined with ethereal elements. Expect to more than just nod your head to this track. Foreign Exchange with their signature sound pulsate with an upbeat positive feel. Tiggalo vocals provide the foundation, while Eric & Shana form the structure; together creating a solid soulful sound. On the strength of this one track alone I would recommend checking out the ‘Living in Flying Colours’ album.
Artist: Twilight
Title: You’re In Love (Kon Remix)
Label: Ubiquity Records
Release date: Tuesday 11th February 2014
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More info: Luv N Haight release their first track, available for a limited period on 7″ vinyl. Anyone who is familiar with Soul Train will be aware of the renowned Soul Train line dance at the end of the show. Kon’s remix of Twilight’s ‘You’re in Love’ would take centre stage. ‘You’re in Love’ is a fusion between 80’s classic soul with a modern edge. Keeping the essence of the original track, Lawrence Ross’s catchy vocals are set against a backdrop of clean P-Funk juicy beats. This is a revival of an era where love songs had the groove to make you move. With an imminent release date just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can create your own Soul Train tunnel.
Artist: Yasiin Gaye
Title: Inner City Travellin Man
Label: Amerigo Gazaway
Release date: Wednesday 29th January 2014
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More info: Amerigo Gazaway could be considered a modern day alchemist, but then the ingredients he uses to cast his spell are far from ordinary. The ‘Soul Mates’ series has been responsible for creating dream like collaborations merging the Pharcyde with a Tribe Called Quest to create the Bizarre Tribe album. A virtuoso, conducting an orchestration of the best of Marvin Gaye and Yasiin Bey. Resulting is an amalgamation of poignant narrative and raw Hip Hop sound. An example of what if… Marvin Gaye was still alive, and was approached by Yasiin Bey to lay down a track. No need to imagine it’s already happened and here is the result.