The Arenas

Our passionate Weekender team transforms Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead into five spectacular arenas, each equipped with state of the art sound systems. Each Weekender has a unique twist as we tweak the format of the event each year, constantly striving to improve the Southport experience.

The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse is the largest, most visually impressive arena that we offer for your enjoyment at Southport Weekender. If you’re attending your first event with us, prepare to be amazed.

Clubbing trends in the U.K. often see the focus change from the large scale superclubs and epic dance events to more intimate weekly clubs and smaller, underground happenings. We have three smaller rooms at Southport Weekender, where you can feel that all important intimacy and underground vibe. But Southport Weekender is a very special event.

Occurring only once every year, our attendees come here to be impressed and to experience something unavailable elsewhere. For that reason The Powerhouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technology – lights, sound and visuals – to ensure that your time spent here is unforgettable. Sometimes big is not just better, it’s also beautiful. Within The Powerhouse you will hear the main room sounds of some of the finest club DJs from across the globe. From Kenny Dope and Joe Claussell, to Danny Tenaglia and Erick Morillo – just about every DJ that’s worth his weight in salt has entertained within these four walls.

Like each of our rooms at Southport, The Powerhouse relies heavily on a trusty team of residents and regulars who ensure that the vibe remains constant and the music remains unbeatable. Many of these dedicated DJs, like Norman Jay, Steve Butler, Bob Jeffries and Scott Bradford, you will also find playing sets elsewhere at the weekender. Some, such as Powerhouse stage manager Jonathan are found exclusively in this space, their sound perfectly tailored for a room of this size.

The Funkbase

The Funkbase is the home of Southport’s urban grooves, rolling out the finest soul, hip-hop, R&B and classics to perhaps the most fun-loving crowd at the event.

This is a room where atmosphere is everything and the funk is number one priority. An elated, attitude-free crowd soak up the vibes and dedicate their time to the dance!

This room shows off beautiful, sharp-dressed movers as resident selectors like Ronnie Herel, Bigger, Max Rees are joined by guests such as Trevor Nelson, Simon ‘Schoolboy’ Phillips, Kenny ‘Dope’ Gonzalez, Steve Sutherland and Jazzy Jeff, not to mention some of the superb PA’s and concerts we have had in this space from hip hop legends like Run DMC to soul royalty like Angie Stone.

The Beat Bar

“There are only two types of music, good and bad” – you’ve all heard the saying. Nowhere is this belief held more dearly than at Southport Weekender. Unlike many other large scale events and weekenders, Southport embraces a multitude of musics and no where is that open-minded attitude better expressed than in the Beat Bar. The Beat Bar has evolved from what was Southport’s jazz room, but has progressed to it’s current standing as the most musically eclectic room at the event.

From the drum n’ bass sounds of Bristol’s Roni Size and Brazil’s DJ Marky to the contemporary fusion of Europeans like Rainer Truby and Jazzanova, taking in the mind-mangling rawness of Detroit’s Theo Parrish and the party turntablism of hip hop supremo Jazzy Jeff – the Beat Bar sees, knows and welcomes it all.

The style of music in this room will change constantly throughout the whole course of the weekend, and it’s a credit to our clued-up audience that they never falter from the dancefloor here. But one thing will remain a constant in this room – the atmosphere. The Beat Bar feels like the best house party you ever attended. If you close your eyes and lose yourself in the music, don’t worry, there’ll be a hundred smiling faces to welcome you back upon your return.

Joining the dots between the multiple styles of the Beat Bar are our
dependable team of residents and regulars which include London DJ Kev Beadle, Latin master Snowboy, Gavin Kendrick and from Radio 1’s Worldwide show Gilles Peterson. Professional, working DJs one and all, there is nowhere better to sample the talents of these dedicated few than in front of their favourite audience here at Southport Weekender.

The Connoisseur’s Corner

The Connoisseur’s Corner is a room which boasts a soundtrack that is the foundation for everything you will hear at Southport Weekender. Be prepared for a warm welcome. The origins of this event, previously known as Southport Soul Weekender, are clear for you all to hear in this room. The playlist is based on what is termed ‘modern soul’ – a deceptive, and thoroughly British moniker, that describes a style of soul music encompassing releases from the 1970s right up to the present day.

Modern soul is a term that was first used to describe music that DJs began to play in the 1970s, which clearly did not fit into the frantic ‘Northern Soul’ bracket. These days modern soul is typified by its adherence to the classic traditions of soul music – smooth, considered productions, great vocal performances, lush arrangements and emotive lyrics.

The records you will hear in this room are, however, far from being of the same ilk. You may well hear uplifting, sing-a-long classics, the room’s dancers joined together in (sometimes harmonious) unison as they belt out favourite lyrics, arms outstretched to the ceiling. But Southport Weekender is not merely another classics-spinning event. This is the real deal. Our excellent team of soul aficionados are far too good to just wheel out the classics. Instead you’ll be able to hear the finest releases from the last year or two, cherry picked by experts who gig up and down the country.

Alongside the uplifting moments, classics and new releases you’ll also find an uncommon amount of individualism and testing records played in this room. Try sampling it very early or very late on, and catch the DJs when then don’t have a chock-full dance floor to supervise. If you do you will be rewarded by hearing sounds truly from the heart of some of the finest soul DJs in the country. Soul-wrenching ballads, life affirming words, the subtlest of sounds. You want ‘em? We got ‘em.

The SuncéBeat Dome

SuncéBeat is a sparkling gem in Croatia’s festival scene with previous headline guests including deep house titan Larry Heard, Berlin powerhouse Prosumer, and the semi-mythical DJ Harvey. Every summer, we invite some of the world’s finest DJs to our shimmering, secluded bay to share their sounds on a beach terrace armed with a heavy-hitting Funktion One sound system and a nearby outdoor nightclub where we dance under the stars until dawn. And at Southport, we recreate some of that Dalmatian magic with cocktails, palm trees and spine-tingling soulful sounds from across the musical spectrum. The newest addition to the event and already one of the most popular!