The gone but not forgotten UK music magazine Straight No Chaser described African Scream Contest, a 2008 compilation issued by Analog Africa, as ‘one funky freak-out of a history lesson.’ Samy Ben Redjeb, the label founder and owner, first landed in Cotonou in 2005 in search of rare records. This exploratory visit led to eight more in the following years, and the result of his musical research was the aforementioned album that not only became the definitive entry point to the largely unknown, psychedelic sounds of 70s Benin and Togo, but also introduced a Western audience to Le Super Borgou de Parakou for the first time.

Those who were enthralled by the irresistibly rough guitar work of ‘Congolaise Benin Ye’ will be delighted by this full length project that reveals Bariba and Dendi linguistic folklore alongside Islamic-influenced melodies, fused with soul, Pachanga, breaks, rumba and Afro-beat. As we’ve come to expect from one of the most studious labels around, the CD release comes with a full-colour booklet, sharing the fascinating story of this remarkable ensemble and the traditions of the people of Northern Benin.