Blessed be the rare groove DJ, the music fanatic who might shell out upwards of £30 for a rare soul or funk album, just so he can include that one special three minute track in his/her set. Such DJs do all the hard work for us normal folk, who are understandably reticent to pay so much for something we’ll use so little of. Sandy Barber’s 1977 album The Best Is Yet To Come has been considered something of an essential acquisition amongst rare groove collectors and DJs, not least because unlike many wanted items from the genre, this album is pretty great throughout, containing several wonderful songs, not just the odd one. It’s a mixture of soul and funk with a nod to disco too, the uptempo cuts on the album such as ‘Look Out Sky’, ‘I’ve Got Something Good’, ‘Don’t You Worry Baby’ and ‘I Think I’ll Do Some Stepping’ are all fantastic and certainly wouldn’t seem out of place if aired in Southport Weekender’s Connoisseur’s Corner (the latter comes with John Morales and Al Kent re-edits on the BBE CD reissue).

That’s not the full story with this one though, as the main highlight of the whole LP is Sandy’s voice, a revelation to those not yet introduced, and this element really comes to the fore in the gorgeous ballads contained here, such as ‘The First Time’.