Words: Angel Mel.

The Beauty

Artist: Blue Six
Album: Signs and Wonders
Record label: NYC Naked Records
Release date: Out now
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Welcome to the majestic sounds of the Blue Six, ‘Signs and Wonders’ album. It has been a long time since I have heard anything quite like this. Brought to you by Jay Denes chief maestro of New York Naked Recordings, this is an album that lives up to the title of the label.

‘Signs and Wonders’, feels like an album that is naked as the day it was born. The beauty of this collection is the simplicity of each track, it is stripped bare allowing for space to embrace the true experience.

Picture an after hours love affair, the tease and arousal of the synths, the allure of the electronic keys and vocals that long to be held. There is an elegant blend of Up Town Chic.

What really pulls ‘Signs and Wonders’, into it’s own is the vocal talent of several soulful seductresses by the names of Aya, Tabitha Fair and Catherine Russell; each singer delivers their own unique style that casts a spell over the unsuspecting listener.

Feast your ears on ‘Star People’, featuring the serene vocal talents of Aya, which is both compelling, yet with a air of elegance. The track is brought to life by the tender attention of Dave Boonshoft’s guitar and bass work.
‘Star People’, explores lost love and the confusion between two people trapped by their own emotions.

While ‘Anhedonia’, feels like the passion in a Greek mythology tale. It burns bright with an intensity that echoes forbidden love.

Signs and Wonders is an album the reflects the art of seduction, it is the calm before the storm. If you looking for a down tempo, electroncia album featuring all of the above ingredients then you will love this.


The Beauty

Artist: Craig Smith
EP: Love Hate and Everything Inbetween
Label: Roar Groove
Available in: Limited CD and digital format
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Do you believe in paranormal? Have you ever had an outer body experience? If these questions seem to far beyond the realms of possibility, then maybe this EP will change your mind. Craig Smith and his cohorts at Fifty Fathoms Deep, Frederick and Ricky Reid have produced an entity that will blow your mind and your senses clear.

Listening to this album is like being caught in the space time continuum, each track wavers between hidden dimensions only visible through audio explorations, which gives the album it’s other worldly perception. What brings the album back to earth is the carefully placed samples taken to reflect all manners of human consciousness. Demonstration’s of this can be found in tracks like ‘A You Shaped Hole In My Heart’, which tells a tale of the human heart. It is the joyous ache and the longing to be reconciled with an absence that could only be filled by the space that fits it. Like a nourishing yogic breath, the track exhales releasing a flow of life giving energy.

‘Holding On And Letting Go’, starts with a guru-esque quotation describing the acceptance of the ‘self’. Then it gently takes you by the hand, leading to the uncharted territories of the soothing hypnotic piano and the deepness of the tribal drums.
Love Hate and Everything Inbetween is a shining example of what happens when you let go of convention and allow your mind to soar.


The Beats

Artist: Lars Behrenroth
EP: Deeper Shades Volume 2
Label: Deeper Shades Recordings
Available in: Digital
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Released nearly six years after the Deeper Shades Vol 1 EP, Lars has finally graced our audio airwaves with his unique productions. It is worth nothing that the Deeper Shades collection is a monumental undertaking, which see’s Lars hosting a monthly radio show with guest mixes from DJ’s such as Southport’s own Ben Brophy and Black Coffee alongside a whole crew of music enthusiasts. Not to mention the numerous releases emanating from the thriving record label and the world wide DJing gigs. So as you can see our man has not been idle during those six years, in fact anything but.

The EP consists of 4 tracks, each individually written, produced and crafted in to Behrenroth’s own image.
Take the first track on the EP, ‘Kord’ with it’s deeply engrossing beat, which gives way to ethereal fluttering and a drum pattern that is reminiscent of a skipped heart beat. There is plenty of space to lose yourself in this tune.

‘Keep On’, takes the listener in to a different direction and stunning vocals by Chezere, who returns to add a dance floor groove to this track. From the outset ‘Keep On’, earns it’s head nodding credentials, with a sound that revisits that cool 90s house vibe and has been given a modern day twist.

When listening to ‘Time’, close your eyes for the full effect of the soundscape that awaits you. The gentle caress of the sweeping waves against the beat of the tribal drums that ground your earthly body whilst lifting your spirit at the same time. ‘Time’, beautifully reflects Lar’s creativity.

Lastly the 11 minute behemoth that is ‘Denots’, and incredible ode to all things Sci Fi. ‘Denots’, would not be out of place in the new Star Wars film. Brooding and melancholic it takes the listener on a journey into sound, passing by different worlds as it goes.

Lars latest offering ‘Deeper Shades Volume 2′, is gift for those who have mastered the act of patience. As the old saying goes ‘the best things come to those who wait’.


Artist: Corrado Bucci
Track: Nobody Can Stop Us EP
Label: Local Talk Records
Available in: Vinyl 12″, Digital
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Until recently I had not heard of the young Italian Producer, DJ Corrado Bucci, signed to Local Talk Records he is the latest protégé to emerge from the label with all tunes blazing.

When I first heard this track I damn near lost my mind. Using a cleverly reconstructed sample of First Choice ‘Let No man Put Asunder’. ‘It’s Not Over’, shines through as classic 4×4 House track, it is one of those tunes that grabs you by the shoulders, shakes you loose and makes every fibre of your body want to dance.

Like wise can be said for ‘Nobody Can Stop Us’, which is a hefty slice of optimistic House driven grooves, the horn section in this track act like an enthusiastic cheerleading squad, while the piano keys punctuate flurries of uplifting splendour.

Bucci is definitely a talent to keep a watchful eye on, with collaborations with the legendary Rainer Trueby under the guise of Truccy, (Trueby & Bucci) already due for release imminently. I predict we will be hearing a great deal more from this budding talent.