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Think Twice Flyer

Next up in the UpNorth tour for our special Big 50 year is Think Twice – the official SunceBeat and Southport Weekender Warm Up Party on Saturday 8th March in Edinburgh with Kev Beadle & 6th Borough Project with longtime resident and favourite face at the event Craig Smith.

So you are hosting a night as part of the Southport Weekender 50 celebrations
this year and as a warm up for the forthcoming SunceBeat 5 in Tisno, Croatia event in July.
What has been some of your most memorable times at previous events?

DJ wise it’s almost impossible to pick as every event is full of all my favourite dj’s in one place – Osunlade, Phil Asher, Kenny Dope, MCDE, Karizma, Atjazz, Benji B, Kev Beadle I could go on and on the list is endless (and thats not even thinking of the live acts). I have being going to Southport since the beginning and along that time made life long friends along the way who I’m proud to call “family” now. The fact that I have had the honour of playing at some of these events is really special for me and something I would never even contemplated attending those first weekenders back in the day.

Which other DJs have you seen at either of these events that have impressed you
the most ?

In recent times Osunlade was just incredible at the last Suncebeat. Unfortunately I hadn’t heard him play for a while and hearing him again reminded me why he’s one of my all time favourites. Anyone who can get this auld body moving all night is doing something right.

Tell us about your night. How long has it been running ?
Think Twice! has been running for about 1 1/2 years now at Cabaret Voltaire in my hometown of Edinburgh. I have been involved in running parities in Edinburgh for 15 years plus but in the last 2 or 3 years a combination of increased studio work and touring and a lack of decent venues meant that I had stepped away from this. Think Twice’s popularity has really taken me by surprise. I was quite jaded with scene at home but the positivity and vibe from the party has reenergised me and whats more amazing is that it’s a much younger crowd but they seem to be very open to the music we play them in either of the rooms. The venue has a great sound system which is very important to me and is not always present in a lot of the venues up here.

What’s the musical style ?
Main room is deep electronic dance music in it’s many guises, vintage and prototype. Backroom is anything goes apart from house. This room has actually been the surprise secret weapon of this party. It’s been a chance to really explore your collection any thing from latin to funk to boogie, hip hop, soul etc to grew crowd Again no set era, old and new just dam good music.

Who have you had play there in the past ?
Phil Asher, Atjazz, The Revenge, Afronaut, T.Maroine from Ladybugz, Ooft!, Peacey (ARCO). We’ve got a good talented crew locally who spin with us as regularly like Peter Oakden (Frederick), Ricky Reid, (Soul Renegades), Ross Hutchison and Stephen Rodgers

What have you got planned for 2014 – DJ, production, events etc ?
Think Twice have got some great guests coming up later in the year so looking forward to that. Hopefully have full details of that very soon New 6th Borough LP drops 3rd march on Delusions Of Grandeur with a tour starting 21st Feb. Last year I launched a new label Fifty Fathoms Deep with Peter Oakden which has being going great. We are just about to launch the Fredrick LP in March and have some real nice releases coming in 2014.I’ve a solo release coming out on Teng very soon and I’m just finishing up solo project for an offshoot of The Revenges label Roar Groove. It’s a mini LP for Japan release only and very different from my normal stuff. I’m also a good way through a solo LP for Fifty Fathoms which should hopefully be end of year so been keeping busy!

Your Top 5 tracks of the moment ?
Daniel Crawford – Electric Felaxation
Flora Fauna – Visions (Original)
The Planty Herbs – Mood
Frederick – Over You
Romanthony – Trust (MCDE Deep Mix)

You’ve also done a mix for us. Can you tell us the tracklisting ?
Always difficult to condense the vibe into such a short space of time but the mix gives you a snapshot of of how it goes peak time in the main room at Think Twice, Deep Electronic dance…Turn off the lights I can’t see a thing!

1. Keep Building (Revenge Edit) – Fred P/Move D
2. Senses (Linage Dub) – Udu Music feat Inksola
3. Ay – Rampa
4. Den Ratta – Ame feat Vulkano
5. Move On – Hollis P Monroe

Think Twice