The Bombay Royale are a new group and studio project who intend to highlight the classic and sometimes wacky music of Indian film soundtracks of the 1960s and 1970s. Those in the know will recognise names like R.D Burman, Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi, some of whom have writing credits here, others should be directed to the soundtracks of films like The Darjeeling Limited for an example of the styles covered here. Not exclusively Indian, the songs, both in their original recordings and here, come with surf guitar, psychedelic keyboards and bold brass interjections, creating a truly global fusion that is funky in places, Ennio Morricone in others and even veers towards disco in some moments. This debut album ‘You Me Bullets Love’ (of which the title track is a distinct highlight) features a blend of Hindi and Bengali vocals, tabla, sitars and strings, alongside the aforementioned, and is a great introduction to this music, much of which is quite difficult to find in the UK and sometimes suffers from poor production. The prospect of a touring band bringing the exciting, exotic funk sounds of ‘Dacoit’s Choice’ to a live event stage is thrilling in itself alone.